Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fielding Positions in Softball 1

Pitcher - Position Number 1

While the primary role of a pitcher is to pitch the ball, he must also be able to field his position.  This consists of fielding ground balls and bunts up the middle of the diamond and covering any base if necessary.  Good throwing speed is helpful, but not as important as accuracy, the spot in which you throw the ball.  The pitcher must also be ready to catch the ball when it comes into the infield to stop the play.

Catcher - Position Number 2

Wears protective equipment:  mask, special helmet, shin guards, chest protector.  Uses special glove designed as a padded target.  He must catch, or at least block, all the pitches to prevent baserunners from advancing, in addition to preventing stolen bases with a strong throwing arm.  He must also catch pop-ups into the foul territory behind the baseline, and tag out runners who are attempting to score, while blocking their access to home plate.  A catcher must hustle to all balls that get past him, and be ready to jump up and get any slow rollers or bunts in front of home plate and throw to any base quickly. be continue

Source:  Nahar Dato' Johari, Secretary-General Baseball Federation of Malaysia.